Price Matching!

We know that price is a major factor when deciding who to use as a driving school. We here at Chesapeake Driving School do not want price to be a deterrent to the great services we offer at our driving school. Therefore, we have a price match guarantee that can be used for any driving school in Calvert County. We ask anyone who wants to use the price match to receive the same rate as a specific competitor to follow a simple process outlined here:

Please note: This does NOT include in-person classes

  1. When registering for a class please send a separate email to

  2. In the email please give us the name and email address you registered under along with the pricing information of the Calvert County Driving School you would like us to match

  3. We will accept pictures and scans of any coupon or flyer as well as a link to the driving schools pricing page you would like us to match

  4. Once we receive that email and registration you will be emailed a new invoice reflecting the price match discount.

Any Question...?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 443-975-7457 or email us and we will help with the process.